What We Do

The Silver Line Project is an inclusive programme that supports adults with complex needs including people with disabilities and mental health issues and those in the process of criminal rehabilitation.

Over 12 weeks Silver Line uses personal training and 1-2-1 coaching to address individual needs. Outcomes including supporting depression and physical wellbeing, raising confidence and more improved attitudes to life are achieved through developing and following personalised care plans.

Silver Line accepts self-referrals and also works with partners including; Probation Services, Social Services, Community Organisations and GP Surgeries.

The aim is for Silver Line to help as many individuals as possible to achieve happier and healthier lifestyles.

Silver Line is the legacy of iTrainer Fitness , the brand with an ethos built around inclusiveness, empowerment and the #ICan attitude.

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Positive feedback

Our Clients Will


Less isolated, healthier, happier and more confident. They will also feel more empowered and able to help others and explore education/ employment opportunities.

Be aware of

The importance to look after one’s self, including mental and physical health. They will also be aware of the importance to share concerns to manage and prevent potential health risks.

Increased independence

And be less dependent on medication and the need to self blame. Eventually relying less on GP and health services, state benefits and support services.



“If it wasn’t for The Silver Line Project supporting and helping me attend the gym, and encouraging me to leave my worries at the door, I don’t know where I would be today. It has helped me to cope and manage my depression, I no longer take medication, I go to the gym instead and I’ve made lots of new friends.”

Chantelle27yrs - Carer for a special needs child.

‘I was involved in crime and I’d been to prison for petty crimes through most of my youth, I was smoking a lot of cannabis and couldn’t find a way out. iTrainer helped me and by training and making new friends I haven’t touched weed for 11months, I am fit and healthy and I am now volunteering with Silver Line supporting others who may have gone through the same things as me.’

DavidLack of confidence and social anxiety

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You can get in touch with the team at: admin@silverlineproject.co.uk